Historica Clothiers Payment Plan Option

We offer you the option of a payment plan for items with a retail price of $200 or more. The payment plan consists of prearranged monthly installments. We will work with you to determine a monthly payment amount that works for you. Then we will send a paypal invoice each month, along with a statement of your total paid and balance owed. Any shipping fees will be added to the final payment. Once the total is paid off we send you your new clothes! If you would like to take advantage of our payment plan please contact us at 708-502-1937, M-F 9am to 5pm or emailus. Here are all the plan specifics:

-There is absolutely *no* charge for the service

-The plan applies to regular items with a retail price greater than $200

 (Please note if for some reason the fabric you chose becomes unavailable we will replace it with an equivalent material)

-All items purchased on installments must be paid for via Paypal

-The minimum monthly installment is $50

-You may pay off your balance at any time and we will send you your new clothes right away!

-All items must be paid for in full within six months of the first payment invoice

-All payments are final and non-refundable but if you choose you may apply the balance  

 of your account at any given time to a different item(s) with a retail price greater than $200

-You can contact us at anytime during your payment plan to confirm your current balance