The creators at Historica Clothiers have a mission: creating fashion that’s not just something to wear, but an experience that people want to share.

Lead designer of Historica Clothiers, Nicole Allen felt that the time was ripe for what she calls “historically-inspired, modern clothing”. The concept is not to be tied to any particular era but rather to draw inspiration across history to create contemporary clothing for men and women that has historical flare and elegance, without reading as costume — a way to address the decided lack of dress clothes that have flare and romance.  As a professionally trained fashion designer, 3-D digital designer, lighting artist and the creator of a successful, international historical costuming company ( she founded in 2002, Allen herself is particularly well-suited to blending the old with the new and the elegant with the funky to create coherent, new designs.

“Many hobbies such as historical reenactment or Steampunk are really just one more way that modern people try creatively expressing themselves in a world of black cocktail dresses and loose fit jeans.  At the same time, for years, people who would never be caught dead in a “costume” have stopped me on the street to say ‘I love what you are wearing, but I could never dress like that.’ Well, no one gave me permission!”

So Historica gives its patrons “permission”, complete with options, inspiration and confidence to express themselves sartorially. The original line was launched via the Indiegogo crowdfunding site and has continued to grow. What began as Historica Clothiers has become Historica Store,  a consortium of several distinct lines that includes Historica Home, our unique, historically inspired textile design and goods for the home, Antiqu-TEES, custom printed clothing and accessories with historical memes, and Swordgeeks Boutique, styles featuring the medieval and Renaissance artwork of historical sword fighting manuals.

Most recently, we have partnered with , creating their online shop, HEMA wear that showcases our exclusively designed Fencing apparel, books and equipment made by and for discerning HEMA practitioners.

But, back to our roots….

Historica Clothiers, our fashion line, draws on the flare and romance of past eras and bringing it into a contemporary line of dress clothes, the innovative product line currently consists of four men’s and four women’s fashions,  each with a personalized name and a storyline as a way to invite patrons into to another world. But, Allen says, “the real point is for you to make it your own, and create your own story.”

Historica is excited to offer well-made, tailored garments, that can fill an unanswered demand for original designs whose styling stands out without being so flamboyant to look out place in everyday settings. It is almost equally proud of being able to do this in all-female business whose production is centered in Chicago — ensuring both high quality and fair wages for all involved. In short, the company seeks to be as unique as the products it produces.

Says Allen, “Our take away message is simple: You don’t need permission. Don’t dress like everyone else; step out of the mold and bring a new level of creativity, style, classiness and FUN to your personal image!”


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