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What's black and white and red all over? We are!


As the ultimate layering piece, our Rebecca waistcoat can sass-up any style: from office wear to a night on the town. You will find it equally at place with blouse and dress pants, over your favorite dress, or with jeans.
Designed to flatter your most feminine curves and a touch of the east in her front closure frogs – she performs the miracle of a tailored look and a ‘custom’ fit that is instantly alterable with her back lacing.
From her unique pointed lapel, to her lavishly full cascading skirts, Marguerite is a show stopper. A touch of a men’s frockcoat at the back waist with her twin buttons and princess seam pleats which someone how makes you look at that more feminine.
With all the fit detail of the best tailored garments and the flattering lines from gowns of years past, this style is flexible and useful. Wear it layered with a blouse and waistcoat, over your favorite cocktail dress or worn alone like a dress.
Our classic men’s waistcoat includes a few unique details including a notched back collar and triangle gusset in the bottom back which, along with the belt allows you to adjust for the perfect fit. Add a dash of panache to everday shirts and jeans.
The Cameron weskit works well as a stand alone piece or layered under a dress coat, with its standing back collar and turned back lapels to the back button detail (which also has the advantage of giving you an adjustable fit).
From the stand-up collar with pointed back seaming and turned back lapels to the twin back pleats, diagonal once piece cuff detail and longer length you will not find another more uniquely flattering coat. And its useful too – with 5 pockets (2 interior).
Bold eras often have bold fashions, and none more so than the gentleman's long dress coat, which grew out of military fashion. A unique and flattering style with a stand-up collar, caplet, and 5 pockets (2 interior, perfect for cell phones.)

Turn around time: in most cases we ship within 10-21 days after order is placed


A little bit about us:


In The News


Beacon-News featured Historica in an article in their Business section
- March  19th, 2014

Crains Chicago featured Historica on their video segment, "New in Chicago"
- March 11th, 2014



Historica Clothiers was featured in Crains Chicago Business 
- February 4th, 2014

We're on a mission to bring stylish self-expression to your personal wardrobe.

Honestly, the secret is simple: Your clothes should make you look good, feel good, endure the whimsy of current trends and add to your mode of personal expression. 

I’m Nicole Allen, the lead designer for Historica Clothiers and for decades I’ve been telling stories about myself through fashion. Getting dressed each morning is the most obvious form of self-expression you will engage in all day. Clothes may not make the man but they certainly tell a wordless story. Your personal style can be an expression of your dreams, mood or fantasies (secret or otherwise). My hobbies relate to long held fantasies of my own: to dance, swordfight, wear armor, be a musician, paint, ride horses, and become a professional designer. But long before any of that became a reality, I created outfits that expressed the artist, fashion designer, dancer, rider and martial artist I didn't know I would become. Everywhere I've gone in the world, I’ve been told, 'I love what you are wearing, but I could never dress like that.’


Historica Clothing exists to give you permission, options, inspiration and confidence to express yourself sartorially. We are creating fashion that's not just something to wear, but an experience that people want to share. For each piece in our line we’ve given you a storyline, a way to invite you into to another world, but the real point is for you to make it your own, and create your own story.

You don’t need permission. Don’t dress like everyone else; step out of the mold and bring a new level of creativity and style to your personal image! 

Our First Line

We’ve chosen to start with tailored garments because they provide the most versatile, lasting, flattering styles – signature pieces that will become staples in your wardrobe and can be used both dressed up and dressed down. Making these patterns is a painstaking process, where we pick apart fit and drape of each style (as analyzed on real people in real sizes, not fantasy fit models). My team and I are credentialed, professional designers and personal clothiers that have been working in the online fashion business for over ten years. We know how to both create patterns that fit and flatter all body types, and how to present them online with tons of photos and fit details – you can trust these to be WYSIWIG designs, not the “bait and switch” we’ve all experienced shopping online.

All of our pieces are produced locally, here in Chicago, and everyone involved makes a fair wage. It’s important to us not just to make beautiful things but not to take advantage of anyone in the process of producing them. This also allows us to keep carefully track of the many details involved and assure you are getting the best possible garment.

These are well made, tailored garments with real seam allowance so if you need a few tweaks like the waist taken in, a hem lengthened, etc – they are made to be alterable just like men’s suits and can be custom fit you by your local alterations shop – which is only way to get that ‘made for you’ fit.

In the end, the Historica Clothiers that has all the features that the major labels do (actually allot more detail than most mass produced clothing), and, despite the challenges our products are competitively priced with equivalent pieces – that is the few out there that are actually producing well-made, well-cut, full featured clothing. That is, made of 100% wool with details like real pockets, full lining, under-stitched hems and sleeve caps – all things that add to the look, functionality and life of each garment.

Historica Clothiers launched with crowd funding campaign in January of 2014, in order to create the initial line  - four styles each for men and women. We’ve chosen to start with tailored garments because they provide the most versatile, lasting, flattering styles – signature pieces that will become staples in your wardrobe and can be used both dressed up and dressed down. 

Contact us:

(708) 502-1937 

M-F 9am-5pm central time

You can find us on Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram and Pintrest as well:

Facebook page:

Twitter: @historicacloth


Instagram: @historicacloth



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